State Inspections
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For state inspections in Roanoke, VA, visit Crescent Heights Auto Services, Inc. Vehicles that are registered in Virginia must have a valid inspection sticker to operate on the roadways legally. The state does not send reminders about when you must do your vehicle’s inspection, so you need to check the sticker on the windshield.

It expires on the last day of the month noted on the sticker. Getting the inspection done before that date is imperative. Call Crescent Heights Auto Services, Inc. at (540) 774-8036 or (540) 774-7381. Clients can also contact us online for all your auto inspection or repair needs.

We Offer Virginia Inspection Services for Vehicles in Roanoke, VA

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires 24 steps to complete a vehicle inspection. Crescent Heights Auto Services, Inc. knows that you need this done as efficiently as possible in Roanoke, VA. Our trained professionals will get the inspection done as quickly as possible so you can move on with your day.

Our staff takes pride in providing each customer with top-notch customer service on each visit to our automotive shop.

Call us for Safety Inspections for Passenger Vehicles

Virginia safety inspections sometimes unearth issues that need to be corrected before the vehicle passes the inspection. Our team can help with many of these. We take care of standard automotive services, including:

Our team can also get repairs and routine maintenance done on your vehicle, even if it is already passed inspection. We explain the problem and provide you with an upfront quote so you know what to expect.

Let Us Handle Your Virginia State Inspection at Crescent Heights Auto Services Inc.

Ensuring that your vehicle is legal to drive in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a priority for most drivers. Crescent Heights Auto Services, Inc. is available six days per week to get your vehicle’s inspection taken care of. We have handled vehicle repairs since 1974. Give us a call at 540-774-8036 or (540) 774-7381 to discuss your needs with us.

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